Knowledge management

Knowledge management offers a new perspective on the management of the teaching process.

It offers a contemporary adaptation access and that guarantees an improved learning process but also forms and techniques that accompany traditional methodologies that are integrated within their coherence, extensive information, and innovative forms of receipt and transmission of knowledge to students.

Knowledge management is not a new method of teaching but it is unused, because its importance has turned into a victim of the traditional and mechanical methods of teaching, which causes a basic management or its mismanagement of knowledge by the teachers…

  1. The quality and innovation of information transmitted so arranged and completed;
  2. Enrichment of information with important innovative materials students should recognize practice integrated in the same form of  teaching methods;
  3. Concentrating on core materials described;
  4. The use of knowledge by teachers in the service of efficient teaching and learning;

These benefits represent the eternal and solid foundation of knowledge and the road to success!

Activity Topic: Managing knowledge

  • Every day, teachers receive information from many sources, but, to reach acquire and use them effectively? But do they acquire and effectively use them?
  • Do they properly manage communication technologies?
  • What should they do to effectively use them?
  • How should they learn and what is needed to do to use knowledge management as a productiv factor to get positive results?


Teachers should understand characters.

Everything indicates something, it’s enough to devote the maximum attention in finding the “secret” in student’s psychologic.


Search for new and important information about this characters.

Browse for books and develop conversations with the school psychologist.


Use personal experiences as assistance in teaching.

Through this way gain knowledge that will help you to do with competence in solving problems.


The process of introducing knowledge

The reorganization of teacher knowledge brings these benefits to students:

  • Increase transparency, credibility
  • Reproduction in memory of students
  • Easier access in understanding
  • Fast interconnection in practices and cases
  • Increase the efficiency of use

What teachers have to master:

  • Sufficient knowledge
  • Interpretations
  • Use in the proper case