Menaxhimi i dijeve

Training Module:


Location: Tirana

Training  program

One Day Training 25.01.2017

10:00– 10:15 Registration THE FIRST PART OF THE TRAINING List of participants
10:15– 11:15 Objective Setting and agreeing of Expectations

Understanding what we mean by:

· Objectives set by Trainer

· Objectives for learners

Trainees will be able to set their own expectations from this training and in same time learn on how the objectives are set before each training. On this session trainer will explain the objectives that his has planned for the session and also work together with participants on agreeing their objectives which at the end of the training will be evaluated against the learning activities during training Metacards Sticky notes Camera to take photos of objectives to post on website
Topic:Why is it necessary knowledge management?

The reasons and arguments over its importance.

Is knowlegde management a new method of teaching?!…..

Practical arguments pros and cons about this question.

Teachers will be aware about the importance of knowledge management to be more successful and concentrated in  transmission. During the development of the training , the trainer will accomplish with tools over concepts or situations from their experience for the material to understand and served. Laptop and projector case studies principles and process – copies for trainees,

Notebook for everyone.

11.15-12.15 •  Topics to answer questions:

•   Every day, teachers receive information from many sources, but, to reach acquire and use them effectively? But do they acquire and effectively use them?

•   Argumentative answers over those question.

•   Do they properly manage communication technologies?

•   What should they do to effectively use them?

•    They will be oriented over knowledge that have to develop them further in framework of knowledge management conform  transmission among students

Teachers will be advice and oriented over form and ways that will facilitate the process of understanding and transmitted in class. It will be suggested to follow simple and specific methods  how to gather and  systematize the knowledge in their mind for broadcast them by linearity and priorities and importance to students. They will be trained how to know and use ITC to be efficient in explanation and update with them. The methodology of this thematic will be connected with the explanation of practical and technical formulas of how teachers to measure the impactof explanation to students. They will be oriented to understand how they effect to intation and listening of their students. Laptop and projector, PP presentation
12.15-12: 30 Break+ coffe break THE SECOND PART OF THE TRAINING
12.30-13.30 •   Topics about question to answer:

•    How should they learn and what is needed to do to use knowledge management as a productivfactor  to get positive results?

•    Full arguments on it will be constructed simple and understandable modeles and systems that can orientate and manage their knowledge to achieve results.

Teacher by using their knowledge in form of suggestion will have less fatigue and more achievement in class by helping  and students that minimally don’t get bored and maximally bo be satisfied  with the explanation and achieved results.

In this topic will be trained the ways, forms and practical strategies that teachers will need to follow to arrive  efficiency in teaching.

It will also be treated even trinomial students-information-knowledge that has  for purpose to inform teachers on ways of recognizing students by having as much information that matched with his type, character and behavior and for this should use all personal experiences and psychological  tools to have it as aid information for knowledge management.


Psychological-technical methodology is illustrated very simple and focused on the simple things but that teachers haven’t known to use them in learning. Retrospectives of past cases and experiences will help where through comparisons of cases on the knowledge management will argue the differences and mistakes and how they affect efficiency. Laptop and Projector PP presentation
13.30-14.30 •   Students- Information – Knowledge?

•    How teachers to understand the way  of knowing students, ample information and accumulated knowledge that should have from life experience to gain competence in solving problems

What students understand  about transmission of knowledge management

Relevant graphic illustration and argumentative explanation above

Teachers will be informed over process of things that should know from psychology ,personality and character of their students and after to adapt the format of teaching adequate for them.

They will take knowledge how to emit and filter all knowledge of daily life practices in accordance with different types of students to suit their natures maximally.

To understand  the  influence through the image on the impact they have on students when managing knowledge and when not properly manage them in the appropriate form.

It will be analysed a graphic figure and will be processed and interpreted its perception to teachers based on the maximum importance to knowledge management. Laptop and projector, PP presentation
Theme: Different methods of knowledge management

Experience in the interpretation of the text:

What do you know from your experiences?

The complete argument of methods as:

1)   Experience in the interpretation of the text

2)   Clear theoretical knowledge

3)   Individual knowledge

4)   Practical Knowledge

5)   Knowledge of information outside school

14.30-15.30 Theme and subtheme: Categories of knowledge management process:

1.  Presantation of knowledge

2.  The rigeneration of knowlwdge

3.  Use of knowledge

4.  Communication of knowledge

The recognition and implementation of categories of knowledge management process is very important in teaching. It tells teachers the way that they have to follow to manage and how much their knowledge are needed in context of teaching process by being efficient and to have a positive  impact at students and to be prefered by them not only the teachers figure  but also the way that they explain and transmit the lesson. Through technic concretization and pointed information , facilities of assimilation  by teachers is maximally.

The explanation from trainer will be concentrated , schematic and no overlong and theoretical.

It is enough that teachers to have in mind the  scheme and the points that containing to be discovered in class and to see the results of their works.

Schematic explanation will be trained as an individual manual for each participating teacher, points of which will have to deal with as a delegated duty according to which will have to manage their knowledge.

Laptop and projector, PP presentation,
1)  Presantation of knowledge

·     Filing of knowledge and deployment is necessary, in order to use by examples and situation

·     The importance of speaking with cuts to student strengthens memory (e.g.TIK)

·     Knowledge needed to explain the process and not be isolated because it loses linearity of understanding

·     Apply concrete examples

·     Your knowledge should be clear

·     Preparation of the topic from outside literature text is very important

1)  The process of introducing knowledge

·     The reorganization of teacher knowledge brings these benefits to students :

Ø  Increase transparency, credibility

Ø  Reproduction in memory of students

Ø  Easier access in understanding

Ø  Fast interconnection in practices and cases

Ø  Increase the efficiency of use

a)   What teachers have to master

Ø  Sufficient knowledge

Ø  Interpretations

Ø  Use in the proper case

  2. Regeneration of knowledge

·   Regenerate knowledge with extracurricular books

·   Newsletters are important to be informed with the latest news from the profiles of each participating teacher

·   Participation in scientific seminars increased knowledge on the latest news in different disciplines

·   Talking to experts in the relevant disipline of information exchange framework

·   Use the information from the Internet

·   Import knowledge and share them concentrated in teaching based on key issues

2) The process of knowledge regeneration

·     The reorganization of teacher knowledge brings these benefits to students :

Ø  Increases creativity and thinking

Ø  Increases innovative applications

Ø  Consider different perspectives

Ø  A multidimensional approach

b)  What teachers have to master:

Ø  Professional science research

Ø  Preparing to complex questions

Ø  Readiness for various discussions


  3. Use of knowledge

·   Convey knowledge in product and concrete results

·   Turn knowledge into practical terms

·    The use of your knowledge for students will be the success factor

·    Use of knowledge within each turn to the task of teaching



3. The process of using knowledge

·    The riorganisation of teacher knowledge brings these benefits to students :

Ø  It enhances the effect of learning from mistakes

Ø  Made aware fo the potential problems

Ø  Learn from the experience

Ø  Reinforce culture and recognize mistakes

c)  What teachers have to master:

Ø  Ready to treat in Theory and Practice

Ø  Do not segment students

Ø  Build and implement a constructive stimulation model to errors

4. Knowledge of communication

·         The speed of the process import – embezzlement – export is very important in teaching

·         Interaction between teachers as transmitter and students as receptive is decisive neing contemporary

·         Develop knowledge being constantly updated

·         Knowledge should be shared among colleagues

·         Share and give your knowledge and experience to colleges and students



4.  The result of wrong  communication

a)   Selective phenomenon

Increased debate among students and those who are not constructive

b)  Incorrect with each other

It breaks the chain of Communication

c)  Impairs the exchange of knowledge

Start thinking
as competitor

d) Increases thinking inside-outside group

Lock distribution of knowledge

Ø  Problematic questions arising among students

·   Let them do it, and, why should I do?

·   Why should I do everything…what will he do…?

·    I will do itselfs…..

·    You should do it, I do not know how…

·     I did my part, now it is your turn…

·     I can do it better than you …

Topic:Poor communication and transmission of knowledge bring :

Teachers will be known with results of mismanagement of knowledge that will be interpreted by the trainer in the form of awareness and design of teacher’s figure in  student’s  eye.


1)  Loss of authority

2)  Thinking as potential competitors

3)   Become the center of conversation

4)    Make wrong assessments

5)   Be very selective



What can be achieved with a knowledge management

Results of the knowledge managment and free discussions


A better concentration in class                                  69%
Innovative skills of students                                      60 %
Quality in productive of students                            59 %
Reduction of heedlessness                                          57%
Creativity of students                                                    70 %
Facilitation of explaining                                            55 %
Simplicity in understanding                                      80%
Minimize loss of time and questions                      60%