Turizmi dhe mjedisi

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Tourism brings money into a country. If you pay to fly, let’s say, to Nigeria, here’s what happens. Nigeria needs an airport to receive flights. Building an airport gives hundreds of people jobs, because
construction workers are needed to perform the fabrication. Then there are thousands of people who get jobs to run the airport. Once you and your friends (and thousands of other people) start flying in to Nigeria, hotels are needed. This means hotel companies come and spend millions of dollars to pay the government of Nigeria for permits to build, they pay construction workers to build the hotels, and they give jobs to people who run the hotels. This all happens even before you travel. Once you’re off the plane, you pay the hotels and you spend money to go sightseeing. This pays the salaries of tour guides, boat captains, cab drivers etc. Also while in the country, you’ll likely be buying meals and going out for drinks or entertainment or buying souvenirs, all of which give money to the people of Nigeria. So, in essence, in almost any country, tourism is a welcome boost to the country’s economy, but especially in countries where there is a high level of poverty and a slow job market, tourism lends millions of dollars to people very much in need of income.

Several important reasons for tourism include:
– Economic development through tourism income
– Promoting concerned central place for business
– Creation of a wide range of jobs
Tourism is important in many ways in the world it can be for leisure,business,education,culture and its fun. It is the very happiest part of the life

Tourism is important because it brings in extra money. People are willing to pay ₦ 2,500 for a ₦1,000 hat that says Nigeria on it. Also, it gives restaurants more customers, because people do not necessarily bring boxes of food, and stove and oven with them on vacation.
The Tourism industry is important for any country as it brings in foreign currency, allows for cultural exchanges between people and creates many working places for the citizens.
importance of tourism
Tourism is vital for many, many countries, some of these countries include:
United States, Kenya, Netherlands, Colombia, Singapore, Ireland, Djibouti, France, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Thailand, Cypress, Malta, Mexico, Philippines, The Bahamas, Fiji, Maldives, Seychelles: Due to the large intake of money for businesses with their goods and services and the opportunity for employment in service industries associated with tourism.

These service industries include:
* transportation services(airlines, cruise ships and taxis) * hospitality services (accommodations, hotels and resorts) * entertainment venues, (amusement parks, casinos, shopping malls, music venues and the theaters)
Medical Tourism
Over the last few years, medical Tourism has increasingly gained popularity among highly industrialized countries like the United States. Varying reports containing medical tourism statistics put the number of American patients seeking healthcare abroad between 500,000 to 750,000 in 2007.

This is a steady increase from the previous year, which medical experts believed as much as 200,000 to half a million Americans traveled out of the country for medical procedures. These figures indicate a significant growth in the Medical Tourism industry, currently a $20 billion market, which can reach $100 billion by 2012.